Future-oriented design for the current requirements of the use of the steering wheel.

Is the steering wheel changing to the joystick or is it the innovative control center of the vehicle? Touch-sensitive elements, gesture control or removable modules for autonomous driving, these are the topics we are currently facing in the design of steering wheel modules.

Together with our customers, we develop innovative products in this demanding segment.

From the first concept study to the prototyping to the development of the series product, we assume the responsibility in cooperation with our partners and OEM’s. However, we do not just support you in the pure construction. Our experience in the development of steering wheel and airbag modules also includes special applications made of wood, carbon, leather or chrome elements as well as foam and structural components.

We take over the technical project management as well as the support of the production and manufacturing processes, suppliers, prototypes, test setups and simulations. In addition, we coordinate interfaces such as quality, purchasing and other comprehensive project teams.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in numerous series development projects.